Invited Artists


Matthew Olden

Matthew is an artist who make interesting things by programming his home computer. He makes a wide range of computer programs, for himself and others, which play music, create visuals, and manipulate data. Matthews program I am the mighty jungulator,… read more →

→ I Am The Mighty Jungulator

Tim Olden

Artist, sound designer, composer for film and TV and retired Dj. Tim Oldens work can be heard in the toilets of Heston Blumenthal’s Little Chef and the Saatchi collection. Links:  

Alma NoFear

“Alma Nofear draws on the delicate contradictions of her cultural migrations – from Lapland to London – to create music of sparse, shambolic power. Performing on guitar, accompanied by a band that mutates from bebop to sea shanty, Alma sings… read more →

→ Alma No Fear

Bang, Stroke, Blow

BangStrokeBlow are a duo working with sounds, samples and beats on a revolutionary new electronic instrument – the Eigenharp. The only Duo of Eigenharpists in the world, BangStrokeBlow make infectious, dance floor orientated, experimental music. They retain many of the… read more →

→ Bang Stroke Blow 2

Chik Budo

Chik Budo are a band with Saxophones and Synthesizers. They will not however bore you into submission with delicate twittering Jazztronica, they will instead blast you with a Squawking New Wave Electro Disco Party that will redefine your concept of… read more →

→ Chik Budo 2

Zoe Papadopoulou & Cathrine Kramer

The Cloud Project is a collaboration between Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer   Zoe Papadopoulou is a UK based artist whose work focuses on public engagement and performance. Her work avoids debate on the pros and cons of emergent technologies;… read more →

→ The Cloud Project

Andrew Friend & Michael Lewis & Joana Rafael & Claudia Palma

Escape from 20’000 leagues below the sea Andrew Friend: Andrew is a London based designer, his work is focused on designing experiences between people, technologies and their surroundings. He is interested in the extraordinary, fantastic and desirable (or indeed undesirable)… read more →

→ Escape From 20000 Leagues Below The Sea

Clementine Wade

Clementine Wade is a young actress, presenter, theatre practitioner and sociologist.  She graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Social and political science, where she was awarded the Varsity Talent 100 and the prestigious Promis Prize for contributions to… read more →

→ Micronations Revolutions Presenter


SKIPtheatre is run by Creative Directors Charlotte Croft, Laura Hemming-Lowe and Chloe Stephens. The company specialises in site specific immersive performance and they have worked together since 2006 to create large scale theatre pieces, interactive performances, parties, interventions and bespoke… read more →

→ Rev Your Ward


Lucy Ridley: Lucy graduated from London Studio Centre in 2009, whilst there she was part of Intoto dance company and performed works by Yolande Yorke-Edgell, Cameron Mcmillan, Darren Ellis and Michael Popper. Since graduating Lucy has worked with Rosemary Lee… read more →

Tony Maas

‘Tony Maas is well known for working in the contemporary arts field, but perhaps is lesser recognized for knocking together bits of wood to turn into sound producing instruments. For this event he will launch into a fierce ten minutes… read more →

→ The Paper Thin Cogs Of A Sunday Morning

Dot Howard

Dot is a Norwich-based Visual Artist whose artwork mostly manifests as site-responsive Live Art. She studied BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art (2003) and MA Visual Performance at Dartington College of Art (2007). Dot is a… read more →

→ An Extract From A Declaration Of Principals And Intentions

Louise Mari

Nigel Barrett + Louise Mari: Working with shunt associate GEORGE TOMLINSON, nigel barrett and louise mari continue to create short, visually arresting performances which take place, unannounced, amongst the people drinking late at night in the shunt lounge and in… read more →

→ Play The Revolution

David Benqué

Stories are the way we grasp information and integrate it within the context of our lives. In a world where science is progressing at an exponential pace, my practice of design aims to craft subtle and engaging scenarios at the… read more →

→ Micronations Revolution Vj Set

Elizabeth Hobbs

Elizabeth Hobbs is an independent animator working in East London under the name Spellbound Animation.  Her short films have been screened widely internationally and won many awards.  Elizabeth also runs animation workshops in museums and galleries and lectures at Anglia… read more →

→ The Emperor

Ronan Le Fur

He graduated from Jacques Lecoq School in 2010. Then he worked with the English company Wet Picnic and toured in the UK, France and Spain. The company was commissioned to play at the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. He… read more →