Zoe Papadopoulou & Cathrine Kramer

The Cloud Project is a collaboration between Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer


Zoe Papadopoulou is a UK based artist whose work focuses on public engagement and performance. Her work avoids debate on the pros and cons of emergent technologies; instead she removes the subjectivity and replaces it with the possible and improbable implications of our inevitable futures.

Her most recent work, including The Cloud Project, and Nuclear Dialogues ask participants to not only connect with, but also influence the implications of near-future developments. From the RCA, to primary school fetes, to the windows of the Wellcome Trust, Zoe’s execution and unique perspective bridge the gap between new technologies and the people they are potentially going to affect.


Cathrine Kramer: With a focus on new and emerging technologies, Cathrine Kramer has developed a practice that aims to provoke dialogues around issues of the social, cultural and environmental, allowing me to merge my design skills with a broader set of interests. Engaging with questions surrounding our relationships to each other and the environment we live in, her explorations are designed to raise questions rather than offering a solution to the many problems that we face. In her work she employs a range of objects, performance, digital media, graphics, animation and food to engage the public with the good, the bad and the ugly of future technologies.


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