The team

Micronations Revolutions Team:


Director: Nelly Ben Hayoun

Curator : Nelly Ben Hayoun

Original Concept & Design : Nelly Ben Hayoun

Assistant DirectorClementine Wade

Co-produced by Shunt & Nelly Ben Hayoun

Script : Nelly Ben Hayoun & Clementine Wade

Associate Writer:Thomas Thwaites

Micronations Revolutions’ Presenter: Clementine Wade

Exhibition graphics & web graphism: Nicolas Myers & David Benqué

Micronations Revolution VJ Set & Visuals: David Benqué

Micronations Revolution sound composer: Tim Olden

Micronations Revolution Press Director: Anna Larkin

Programme & Marketing Manager: Nahum Mantra

Front Of House Manager: Sara Codrington

Finance: Eleanor Adams & Paola Garzon

Shunt Managers 11th and 12th March: Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari


Micronations Revolution Costumes: The Prisoner’s costume styled by Judy Zhang and made by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse + Yeti Costume by Duygu D Ozturk with a mask made by Ronan Le Fur


Technical Manager:  Lee Jones

Techinal Manager Assistants :Johanna Eaden & Claire Waddington

Model Maker: Hugo Sterk


Photograph: Nick Ballon

Photography assistance: Ben Morgan & Cody

Photograph during the event: Yohanna Adlakious & Ludovic des Cognets & Noe Inigo

Video record of the event: Petra Kubisora & Miko Angelov


Invited artists/performers/actors/dancers/Musicians:

Matthew Olden —- I am The Mighty Jungulator

Alma no fear

Bang, Stroke, Blow

Chik Budo

Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer —– The Cloud Project

Andrew Friend , Michael Lewis , Joana Rafael & Claudia Palma assisted by  BA Architecture Spaces and Objects, Central St Martins School of Art and Design ——Escape from 20’000 leagues below the sea

SKIPtheatre —-Rev’ Your Ward’

Lucy Ridley & THE PEOPLE PILE (Aisha Krupska, Amy Lazrou, Carly Blackburn, Emma Joy, Lauren Bridle, Simeon John)——French Cancan Lessons, Choreography for conflict & Medieval fight on wood horses

Tony Maas ——The Paper Thin Cogs of a Sunday Morning

Dot Howard-—— ‘An Extract from A Declaration of Principals and Intentions’

Ronan Le Fur ——–The political speech, wood horses jury & Machine auctions seller

Aqualon Scuba Diving——- Scuba diving classes

David Benqué ——-Animations and VJ

Elizabeth Hobbs ——The Emperor



Micronations Revolution Performers/actors :

Lydia Brain & Max Dovey —– Sport & Wedding Team

Rebecca & Supradya Aursudkij—— Marble Kingdom’s Queen

Sian Rees—– Iron Scape’s Boss

R. Vanessa Downie—– Sea Salt park administrator & Micronations Revolution’s Welcome member

Maeve Bell——– Ice Break Mountain President

Bryony Thomas—— Yeti in Ice Break Mountain

Christine Bottine——-Yeti in Ice Break Mountain

Sean Jones—— Yeti in Ice Break Mountain

Steph Singer——— Sea Salt Park’s Siren president

Charlotte Dubery——– Micronations Revolution’s Princess + Iron Scape’s Boss

Supradya Aursudkij——– Marble Kingdom’s administrator

Emma Turner——-  Ice Break Mountain’s administrator & Micronations Revolution’s welcome member