Sea-Salt Park

“I am nothing to you but Captain Nemo; and you and your companions are nothing to me but the passengers of the Nautilus.” 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne



Welcome to Sea Salt Park, the first land in Shunt’s Micro-Nation Revolutions. A nation that heralds travel, adventure and discovery. Everything is to be explored and nothing is to be seen in the same way. Learn to journey through water, aided by the power of your imagination, or become an Olympian in a feat of physical prowess and agility. Here strength, curiosity, bravery and discovery are heralded. Ignorance and prejudice condemned. Stay and relax in a constant holiday state or continue your journey to the next nation.





What difference is there between the ‘Earth’ and Mars? What difference between the ‘Earth’ and Venus, and all the other planets? I will tell you… It’s not the presence of rock and dirt and earth, no, these are rather common. What makes our planet special is The Sea, liquid water


The Sea feels it has suffered the injustice of being sidelined for too long and has instructed us, it’s ambassadors, to communicate the following demands, intended to assert it’s rightful claim as the most powerful nation on the planet.


1.     Renaming of this planet to the more accurate planet Water.

2.     The Sea is to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

3.     Policy of non-interference in The Sea’s internal affairs to be established.

4.     Diplomatic Missions to establish embassies of The Sea in all land states.

5.     Cessation of the illegal construction of demeaning and illegal ‘Sea Defences’ (so-called).

6.     Return to pre 1400 AD borders, specifically the occupied territories of the Netherlands are to be returned to The Sea’s control.

7.     The brutal and barbarian practice of deliberate maiming and killing of The Sea’s intellectual classes, Octopus and Squid is to cease immediately.

8.     All prisoners of conscience held by the earthbound nation states to be released. This will take the form of a prisoner exchange and is to be conducted as follows:

1.     Penguins captured in the line of duty will be exchanged for the captured souls of naval officers. The exchange is to take place on the beaches of Gallipoli.

2.     The forty one Whales held prisoner by Earth bound nations are to be released unconditionally.

3.     Jelly fish will be exchanged for the communiques intercepted by The Sea. These messages will be returned in their original bottles on the shores of Cape Hope.

4.     The Sea understands some Dolphins have expressed the wish to remain in the earth bound nations. Any that wish to remain must be released from prison, with the earth-bound nation in which they reside to provide a suitable apparatus to ensure their health, liberty, and freedom of movement. They must be afforded full and unequivocal rights, with modifications made to building accessibility as needed.


Failure to meet these demands will result in the declaration of war by The Sea and it’s allies, The Rivers and The Lakes.


Bang, Stroke, Blow

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The politic speech

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Scuba diving classes

Learn to scuba dive without water with the Aqualon Scuba Diving Team! Aqualon Scuba Diving is a new and exciting London based dive club. We teach the PADI system which is the largest diving organisation in the world. Through our… read more →

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Micronations Revolution VJ Set

David Benqué will visualize the programme of the nights and animate Live during DJs on micro-nations.   Stories are the way we grasp information and integrate it within the context of our lives. In a world where science is progressing… read more →

→ David Benque

Manifesto workshop

A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature.   ‘The Manifesto is a product of many minds. It was designed to represent a developing point of view, not a new creed. The individuals whose… read more →

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Escape from 20’000 leagues below the sea

The submarine forms an insular forgotten space, a chance to disappear, to explore, to discover.  However in this environment you are not free, the submarine forms an intricate life support mechanism resisting the immense pressure of the water around, sustaining… read more →

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Micronations Revolutions presenter

Clementine will be acting as Agent A, on behalf of Micro-Nations grand puppet master during the course of the evening events. Be ware, Agent A can be a force for good, awarding medals where medals are due, but she can… read more →

→ Clementine Wade