Ice-break Mountain

The ride is about the yeti, and our story is about our interaction with that yeti. When we get on this train and we go up into the forbidden mountain domain of the yeti, he destroys the track ,and the thrill part of our ride is escaping the wrath of the yeti as we return to civilization.” Joe Rohde



Welcome to Ice-Break Mountain, a nation of communication, relationship formation and growth. Find a new way of conversing, with Ice-Break’s Mountain new language and new code of conduct. Learn from the Himalayan Cryptid Yeti and work your magic in Shunt’s unique speed dating event. You may even participate in your very own wedding ceremony. But be sure to make friends, be sure to canvass your nation’s appeal in order to be in with a chance of surviving.




Our Holy Text on our Holy Mountain was written by the Yeti, and points the way to effective communication. Contrary to popular belief, Yeti’s are very good communicators – making use of a full range of non-verbal signals to achieve a deep understanding.


The first three chapters of this text are as follows:


Chapter the First:

No thy subject.

This can be achieved by finding out the three most important things about the target of your attention.

1.     How many fillings have they got?

2.     What posters (if any) did/do they have on their bedroom/cave wall?

3.     Do they understand they are mortal, or do they expect to live forever?


From these three things a Yeti can tell much. The subject’s age and health, the subject’s sexuality and outlook. Their chances of finding happiness.


Chapter the Second:

Examine their adornments.

How many rings have they? If any, why do they wear them? On which fingers (or toes)? Do they have fur?

Chapter the Third:

Much can be learnt from our sense of smell. Inhale Deeply. Now, say the first thing that comes in to your mind. Inhale again. Is their a slight tone of burnt hair? A bass note of artificial pine? A hint of cherry?


Alma NoFear

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→ Almanofear

The politic speech

‘This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will… read more →

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Micronations Revolution VJ Set

David Benqué will visualize the programme of the nights and animate Live during DJs on micro-nations.   Stories are the way we grasp information and integrate it within the context of our lives. In a world where science is progressing… read more →

→ David Benque

The Emperor

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Manifesto workshop

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→ Micronations Revolution Actors

Micronations Revolutions presenter

Clementine will be acting as Agent A, on behalf of Micro-Nations grand puppet master during the course of the evening events. Be ware, Agent A can be a force for good, awarding medals where medals are due, but she can… read more →

→ Clementine Wade